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who are we?

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we are professionals, entertainers, creators, artists, storytellers, wannabee greenfluencers, planet-saving digital nomads, environmental and conservation content creators, dreamers, trailblazers, adventurers.

we’re brought together by our PASSION for GREEN future. our mission at BEHIND THE GREENS is to make a difference through our collective voice.

we film and showcase green businesses, brands, and individuals that are helping to make the world more eco-friendly. the stories we share we film ourselves, with a CREATIVE twist and unique STORYTELLING methods to showcase behind-the-scenes exactly how your product is sourced, produced, and distributed. our goal is to EDUCATE people about the environmental impacts behind everyday decisions and how SUSTAINABLE businesses, brands, and products can actually make a big DIFFERENCE.


I have been a content creator and a storyteller for over 10 years. Over years my social media has been changing together with me. After years of being a lifestyle influencer, budget backpacker, and luxury travel blogger I have realised that it is my responsibility to turn my own "influence" into something more meaningful.

Producer & Youtube Manager

Hi, I have seen both Margreen and Behind the Greens projects born (literally) here providing IT support to the team, implementing latest AI tools as well as editing and producing and managing multiple youtube channels. Excited to implement the latest tech tools in order to connect more people to nature.

Project Manager

I moved from Canada to Vietnam to start a new chapter to teach kids, to create UGC content and to work on projects that help nature, animals and environment. As a community manager I connect our people to other and to projects. I am here to support new greenies seeking a change for the better

Project Manager

wildlife educator, conservationist, here to help make the world of wildlife accessible to people! with passion for animals and breaking down big issues into short-form content that highlights the incredible solution-focused conservation work being done around the world.

Content Creator

My name’s V! I’m a beauty, travel and lifestyle content creator from LA living in London! I love promoting the idea of self-love and highlighting sustainable beauty brands and wellness initiatives!

Content Creator

Hi I’m Lucy and I am a Green focused UGC creator. I offer creative reels and edits to brands and projects looking to have an ethical impact on life.

Social Media Manager

Éloïse (she/they) is born in France and lives in Sussex, UK. She is a poet, an artivist and a creative climate communicator. After studying Anthropology, Media Practice for Development, Éloïse is a PhD candidate in creative writing and environmental communications.

Alise and Valters
Content Creators

We are a couple of outdoor nerds, who love the mountains and creating fun, relatable content that inspires people to get outside and explore more. Our expertise is in UGC, drone videography, outdoor adventures & gear, sustainable travel, paired with clear, positive communication and efficiency to meet any deadline.

Digital & Web Designer

I'm a Graphic & Digital Designer, specialising in branding and web design. My mission is to empower organisations to embrace creativity and build impactful brands that make positive social impact.

Designer, Illustrator

My creativity and love for nature doesn't have boundaries this is what helped me to develop BTG visuals and bring Trever (our mascot) to life in the digital world. I am always seeking new projects to design new brands, create games, books and make your wildest dreams come true. i shoot on film btw, anyone else?

join our next GREEN adventure
starting on 19th August

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mastering the art of GREENfluencing

CALLING all aspiring eco-conscious CONTENT CREATORS! 🌍 If you're ready to take your content game to the NEXT LEVEL, look no further!

our flagship program mastering the art of GREENfluencing empowers creators to use their platforms for purpose, turning influencers into leaders in the environmental movement. by marrying creativity with activism, we're not just talking about change; we're making it happen.

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