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what is the
GREENfluencer adventure?


this is a unique and fun opportunity to travel and collaborate WITH us!  learn and share stories about real-life environmental projects, build your portfolio with content YOU create & increase your network, connections  & social media presence.

work alongside real greenpreneurs & greenfluencers to learn how to use creative storytelling & the power of social media to make a difference. 

  • have you been searching for a way to use your creativity to professionally serve the PLANET but haven’t resonated with any of the jobs out there?

  • do you want to use your voice to get involved in the larger conversations that will spread positive vibrations across the world?

  • do you believe you have what it takes to create your own meaningful "dream job" and live in alignment with your passion and purpose?

join our CREATIVE GREENFLUENCER ADVENTURE and transform your career into the life you've always imagined. we have endless opportunities, inspiration, and connections to benefit your individual creativity to follow your passion for the environment.

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hey marga! what's the  greenfluencer


how can I apply?

this trip is for everyone within creative and environmental movements.  we also want to involve locals and create a real impact through sharing knowledge about social media and environmental entrepreneurship

we are looking for people who will use this special opportunity to step up and become an ECO LEADER. anyone can apply!

this program is designed to benefit EVERYONE:

students, recent graduates, business owners & entrepreneurs, anyone looking for a career change, social media/ marketing/ brand managers, if you want to work more outside,

volunteer with animals, researchers, writers, & creatives, artists, scientists, documentarists, presenters, public speakers, nature/wildlife filmmakers, photographers, or if you are just looking to do more for the planet, most importantly, if you hear the global call for CHANGE!


wow this sounds amazing! who can apply?

what will I learn?

  • basics of sustainability, environmentalism, ecology, zoology, conservation

  • mindful living, creativity, finding your life's vision and purpose

  • social media, marketing, content creation

  • unconventional career paths

  • confidence as a presenter/public speaker

  • portfolio building

  • platform growth, capturing an audience’s attention

  • script writing, social media tips, pitching

  • photo and video editing

  • working with brands - opportunities in the industry, content proposal writing

  • monetizing your work, understanding your own potentials.


join our next GREEN adventure
starting on 19th August

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now about the details...


experienced candidates will be able to receive a substantial DISCOUNT and even opportunities to MAKE MONEY during this trip. 


YOU tell us what your GREENfluencer experience is WORTH and what you can bring to the table  with your content.

the fee will be set based on the profile, experience and PASSION of each participant and it will cover EVERYTHING during the trip 


we pay our host organisations directly and these contributions support the important environmental projects that will be hosting us. ​

what is the cost?

  • ALL meals (dietary options included)

  • shared accommodations (reduced price for those who want to camp)

  • transportation between places and activities (if you are local and have your own car that can reduce the cost)


  • daily seminars + guest lectures

  • access to professional resources such as job boards, incentives, and brand introductions

  • friendship & great vibes!​​


what is NOT included?

  • airfare - our participants join from all over the world, costs vary depending on country

  • optional SCUBA diving trip (must be certified).

what's included?

last year's creative GREENfluencer adventure:

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