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AIMM - Marine Research

In October of 2021, we visited an incredible research project off the southern coast of Portugal. AIMM researches whales, dolphins, and porpoises just off the southern tip of Portugal. They collect observational data such as photo identification of dolphin individuals, social behaviours, species interactions, and the effects of tourist watching boats on whales and dolphins.


@aimmportugal_org also takes on students for internships to educate you firsthand and provide important field experience! If you are interested in participating in this program as a student intern, check out their website: 

Project Summary: For this project, our team traveled to southern Portugal to document the daily activities of AIMM researchers for one whole week. We shared lodgings, meals, and assisted with all activities associated with research, such as, prepping equipment, record keeping, cleaning the research vessel "Ketos", and collecting data in the field.

Sponsors: This project was financed in part by Jack Wolfskin, an eco-friendly brand of outdoor gear and clothing.

Significance: To raise awareness about AIMM Portugal and sustainable eco-tourism as it affects local whale and dolphin populations.

Key Objectives: Film content for an environmental research documentary on our YouTube channel Margreen; capture high-quality photos and videos of our experience.

Content Created:

  • 1 documentary-style video

  • 20 high-quality brand photos

  • 4 Reels/Tiktoks

  • 6 total social media postings

  • 22,000 people reached

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