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Gone West: 
Plant a Tree Day 

Organized by @gonewestagram and supported by @OneTreePlanted - "Plant a Tree Day" was a unique event in which each participant was given the opportunity to plant 24 native saplings - enough to offset your carbon for one whole year! We spoke with tree planting professionals, did yoga together, and got to enjoy nature at Biovilla Sustentabilidade - a cooperative for sustainable development that also made amazing compost so the trees grow strong!

Gone West aims to create environmental and social benefits around the world: generating ethical, green, jobs and help to establish or restore natural habitats. They supply trees to many other tree planting initiatives and projects and donates trees to communities all over the world.

Plant a Tree Day is part of a larger initiative in Portugal by Gone West and The Arbor Day Foundation. 

At the end of the day, we helped to plant 400 native trees!

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