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NAM Mushroom Farm - Turning Coffee Waste into Mushrooms into Profit 

Did you have coffee today? If the answer is yes, that means it was one of 2 billion cups of coffee that are consumed across the globe daily. Coffee waste makes up six million tonnes of waste per year! Most of the coffee places around the world have no opportunity to dispose coffee correctly. Coffee gets thrown away with the regular trash and ends up in the landfill where together with the rest of the trash it will emit methane - a harmful gas that contributes to climate change.


However, in Lisbon, Portugal the founder of "NAM Mushrooms" Natan found not just a solution to this problem, he found a way to turn coffee waste into mushrooms and profit. In just one year, they managed to save 20 tonnes (or 1 million cups) of coffee waste going into the landfill. They recycle coffee waste from around the city of Lisbon, grow and sell mushrooms to people and restaurants, they educate people on circularity and spread mushroom love. 


This circular business idea has proved to be very successful, profitable and received huge support from locals, government and brands.

Total Content Created:

2 documentary-style videos

23 high-quality brand photos

1 Reels/Tiktoks

6 total social media postings

20,000 people reached

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