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Rhino Poaching Crisis

I have been dreaming about coming to @careforwild for a really long time. CFW is on a mission to save rhinos from extinction and I was extremely proud and beyond excited to join them and @conservationace team for a month. I was volunteering, assisting with daily cleaning, feeding, and doing maintenance as well as documenting everything that happens here to raise awareness on rhino crisis and tell a wider audience about the amazing work that those organizations are doing here.

I always knew about the problem with illegal poaching and hunting but didn't really know much about the rhino crisis until I visited a game reserve in Cape Town in 2018. Just a day before my arrival poachers killed one of the rhinos. The incident was really fresh, so everyone was talking about it. Knowing that rhino herself, our guide was very emotional when talking about rhino numbers going down and why.

This is when I decided that I want to join @conservationace to learn more, help and raise awareness about it on my socials.

@careforwild pays incredible attention to education here: documentaries, participation in discussions, listening to presentations, learning shocking information that gives you goosebumps. So my role here was to present that information to people and make them learn and act.

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