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RIAS Wildlife Rescue and Investigation Center

Behind the Greens traveled to Olhão in southern Portugal to visit and film a wildlife rehabilitation hospital and investigation center - RIAS. This particular project also conducts necropsies to investigate causes of death, especially in protected or endangered species, to determine health risk factors that can be implemented for more effective management plans. 


Our goal was to showcase behind-the-scenes of a wildlife veterinarian, challenges associated with 24/7 care of injured wildlife, and record as much educational information as possible to share with our viewers.

Project Summary: Our team traveled to Olhão, Portugal for this project. For 3 days we visited RIAS wildlife center to shadow and assist staff members in thier daily tasks. We assisted with animal husbandry, prepping meals & medication, to visit and film every day life at this wildlife rescue center. one week to observe the region 3 years after devastating wildfires. We documented all aspects of this project, learned how the economic wealth of this region is directly related to the health of the forests, interviewed workers & landowners, and planted native species of trees.

Sponsors: This project was sponsored by Jack Wolfskin, an eco-friendly brand of outdoor gear and clothing.

Significance: Rescue and rehabilitate injured local wildlife; learn about the common causes of wildlife harm in this area, and how to peacefully coexist with wildlife in our communities.

Key Objectives: Document daily tasks and challenges at a wildlife rescue center and create an educational nature documentary on our YouTube channel; capture high-quality photos and videos of our experience; and help support this project through education and awareness.

Content Created:

  • 1 documentary-style video

  • 20 high-quality brand photos

  • 5 Reels/Tiktoks

  • 7 total social media postings

  • 46,000 people reached

Special thanks to @rias_olhao for showing us compassion extends even to the smallest of animals. 

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