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Heathrow - Climate-Smart Airport

In May 2019 I visited Heathrow to learn more about sustainable innovations that the airport is implementing. Using my knowledge I was trying to raise the awareness of the public about sustainability work that occurs in the backdrop of their next flight. 

Aviation has received a lot of negativity in the media over the last few years, however, I do not believe that stopping progress is the answer, that is why I‘ve worked with @heathrow_airport and @airportco2_ to learn what they are doing to reduce emissions. I was pretty skeptical before the visit, but I learned that airports not only can dramatically reduce their own emissions but can also encourage airlines to be greener. 

Heathrow’s climate efforts have been recognized by the @airportco2_ program – the only carbon management standard for airports. There are now 286 airports globally that address their carbon emissions within this program. 

Heathrow has invested over £100M in sustainable transformations and is increasing its focus on supporting the development of alternative aviation fuels, which could be the key to sustainable air travel and reduce CO2 emissions by around 80% compared to fossil fuels. 

My role in this campaign was to create interesting and engaging content both photos, videos, and text to showcase how Heathrow is aiming to lead the way in sustainable aviation. 

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