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meet the FOUNDER

Margarita Founder

hey there, I'm MARGARITA S, an unconventional GREENfluencer and the founder of BEHIND THE GREENS media! i've been rocking the content creation and storytelling scene for over a decade, and boy, have things changed! from being a lifestyle influencer, luxury travel blogger to wildlife conservationist and documentary filmmaker I saw the world from many different perspectives.

realising how damaging social media can be and reflecting on my own IMPACT on this planet, i decided to put my "influence" to BETTER use. my degree in biology and animal sciences, passion for nature and all things green, led me to merge all my skills together to create an environmental media company with a goal to spread environmental solutions, inspiration and POSITIVITY.

no more eco-anxiety overload, thank you very much! with over 150 members in my community of WILD CREATORS we are here to shine a light on badass environmental solutions, mind-blowing green advancements, and the incredible people and orgs serving our planet and making it better. forget the doom and gloom; let's bring on the laughter, excitement, and wildness with a pinch of science and creativity. together, we are showing the world the brighter side of environmental stories inspiring folks to take action through content and in real life.

who are we?

BEHIND THE GREENS is an environmental media and content creation agency.

we film and showcase green businesses, eco projects, brands and individuals that are helping to make the world more eco-friendly. the stories we share we film ourselves, with a CREATIVE twist and unique STORYTELLING methods to showcase behind-the-scenes exactly how your product or idea is making our planet greener.  


our goal is to EDUCATE people about the environmental impacts behind everyday decisions and how we can make a DIFFERENCE in the world with our choice and voice.

Behind the Greens team

what we DO?


we’re a production company that focuses on presenting sustainable brands and projects in a new and unique way that raises credibility and creates impact. we speak about new practices and sustainable innovations in a creative, engaging, and fun way.

we also offer social media exposure via our various channels - sharing your content with a community celebrating positivity in sustainability.

we create content for sustainable brands & good causes

learn how to use creative storytelling and the power of social media to make a difference. expand your portfolio with content YOU create, collaborate with other creators and build your network, connections and social media presence.

what makes this community special is its diversity and inclusivity. from seasoned environmental scientists to young activists, to convey powerful messages about conservation, community and planet.

we educate & inspire the next generation of green leaders


mastering the art of GREENfluencing

CALLING all aspiring eco-conscious CONTENT CREATORS! 🌍 If you're ready to take your content game to the NEXT LEVEL, look no further!

our flagship program mastering the art of GREENfluencing empowers creators to use their platforms for purpose, turning influencers into leaders in the environmental movement. by marrying creativity with activism, we're not just talking about change; we're making it happen.

Green Trever

we've proudly worked with


meet trever

trever is a quirky and curious chameleon who has traveled to over 80 countries with our founder. he has joined hundreds of environmental and conservation projects and has witnessed both destruction and environmental successes. though he may sometimes feel out of place and get easily overwhelmed, he knows that the EARTH needs our PROTECTION. trever has incredible ability to adapt to new environments and blend in to observe and be present and represent the spirit and face of BEHIND THE GREENS.

he is a hopeful skeptic who is never afraid to ask questions, take the lead, find solutions, and lift others up. trever is a fearless leader who wants to encourage others to join the movement of POSITIVE SUSTAINABILITY, to be their wild selves, spread awareness and environmental passion, and truly believe that change happens and it starts with US.

Meet Trever Behind the Greens

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Green Production

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