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hey there, i’m MARGARITA – zoologist turned green media maven and your guide to turning passion for the planet into impactful action. my journey wasn't a straight path but a winding road that took me from the academia, where I dove deep into zoology, to the vast, vibrant landscapes of over 70 countries, capturing stories that the world needs to hear.

i started off like many, sharing my adventures and lifestyle, but something within me shifted. i realised that my true calling was to use my voice, my platform, and my content to spotlight the pressing environmental issues facing our planet. however, it wasn’t enough to just talk about the problems; I wanted to change the narrative to focus on solutions, positivity, and the power of collective action.

that’s where BEHIND THE GREENS media comes into play. it’s my brainchild, born from the idea that we can do more together than alone. here, I merge science with creativity to make environmental education engaging and accessible. from eye-opening documentaries to dynamic social media campaigns, I aim to inspire, educate, and mobilise a global community towards sustainable living.

but why stop here?

recognising the untapped potential of social media for environmental advocacy, i launched the MASTERING THE ART OF GREENFLUENCING program. it’s designed for dreamers, doers, and anyone in between who believes they can make a difference. having not only a strong presence but community around what we do, is my superpower!

my partnerships from creating documentaries for Nat Geo and Waterbear and my own Youtube Channel, to creating content for brands like Ecosia, Jack Wolfskin, Ocean Born Foundation, being Creative Director, Social Media Strategist for brands like Gone West, Enviromates, The Blue Zone as well as speaker at events like Extreme Hangouts, COP28, EUSEW and many more.

so, what do I do? i tell stories that matter. i build bridges between science and society. i empower a new generation of eco-leaders through the art of greenfluencing. and most importantly, i create environmental campaigns and social media strategies, I get people hyped and involved in climate action invite you to join this journey.


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